ROI Adds Social Scoring for Marketing Automation

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Our marketing automation client and sponsor, Right On Interactive (ROI), has been amazing to work with. They recognize that marketing automation is a growing market and they’re determined to drive their own path forward rather than watching what everyone else is doing. It’s one of the reasons why their user interface is simple to use, their ramp up time is faster than competitors, and the capabilities of their system are unique amongst their peers.

It’s why Troy Burk is also being recognized as a leader in understanding how scoring impacts the customer lifecycle. Many marketing automation systems start with the call-to-action and end with the conversion. Troy has always built his company that the information needed to convert the right prospects is found by analyzing the behavior of your own customers. And just as critical as getting new business is ensuring you’re working your existing business. They define this as customer lifecycle marketing.

There are lots of products that will help a marketer send out marketing messages in to the social media world. These apps are helping the marketer shout out in to the social space. I like to call such products “loudspeakers” as the primary objective there is to simply try and amplify a broad marketing message out to a broad audience. We have taken a different approach with our social media features and functionality. We help the marketer focus on the response back to the social media messaging they are doing. Amol Dalvi – VP or Products and Technology

ROI Social will let marketers monitor twitter activity, score activity by it’s twitter followers, and respond to the twitter messages.


As well, the activity can be associated to known Contacts in your ROI account. This is a huge advantage as previously unknown twitter handles are now actual Contacts in their database.


This is incredibly powerful! The adjustable scoring allows a marketer to test and measure how Twitter behaviors like follow, retweet or direct message, impact the overall customer relationship. If you find that social engagement behavior is a strong indicator of purchase behavior, you may wish to score these much higher than other activities and adjust your messaging and offerings downstream. Perhaps you find them to have minimal impact – so you can score them lightly and customize an engagement that focuses on these relationships without breaking the bank.

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