2018 RSW/US Marketer-Agency New Year Outlook


If you ask a dozen marketing agency owners what they do, whether or not they're growing, and how they profit from services they offer… I'm fairly certain you'll get a dozen different answers from each. I have little doubt we all love what we do for our customers, but we all find a path we're good at and head that direction.

The 2018 RSW/US Marketer-Agency New Year Outlook Infographic is based on our latest survey, and focuses on two areas of the industry: first, it shows how marketers and agencies are, surprisingly, closely aligned in regards to a key perceived challenge, expected spending increases, and investment expectations and second, points out a few key trends your agency needs to be aware of.

Why Would You Hire an Agency?

Agencies have advantages of scale that companies simply can't match. As an agency, I don't have to be too concerned with office politics, employees out sick, employee turnover, or other day to day issues that slow down companies. That's not a dig to companies, of course. There's advantages of internal teams and resources, too.

When we move forward with a company, we do a ton of work up front and then accelerate our value over time. Companies appreciate that we have expertise that they need periodically. It's a great partnership.

All in all, for the cost of one or two employees, you can typically get an entire team at an agency. Not full-time, of course, but even getting a fraction of time of the variety of creatives can have a drastic impact on your businesses' performance.

That's why this infographic from RSW/US isn't really a surprise. We work hand-in-hand with marketers every day and we're in lock-step with them to ensure they see a great return on their marketing investment.  We invest heavily in technology because we can spread those costs out amongst multiple clients. It's why we often have the best tools and platforms to work from in comparison to our clients – it's a service we can extend to them.

2018 RSW/US Marketer Agency New Year Outlook

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