36 Rules of Social Media

36 rule of social media

If you’ve read this blog for some time, you know that I despise rules. Social media is still very young so applying rules at this point still seems premature. The folks at FastCompany are putting together quite a collection of snippets of advice and calling them the Rules of Social Media.

This infographic is a collection of the rules published in the September edition of the magazine. I still wouldn’t call these rules as I’ve broken a few of them and still gotten results… but I would highly recommend this as a great collection of tips to improve your social marketing efforts.

36 rule of social media

FastCompany is now collecting your tips. You can submit them online.


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    Sometimes I ignore rules but in a way I do respect people abiding such rules, but for social media I tolerate rules I do everything I want without minding about the rules.

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    “…Social media is still very young so applying rules at this point still seems premature.” Not only are they premature – the very concept of social media marketing ‘Rules’ is patently laughable! Ditto for all those pretentious ruminations on social ‘Best Practices’ …Unless, I’m trying to sell you my latest book – in that case, keep piling them on!

    Seriously – there really is no one best day or time to post on Twitter….or one best anything else to make social work for brands – marketing on social has so many variables it can make your head spin just thinking about them! Social is fascinating…complicated…bubbling over with marketing potential – and potential pitfalls for any marketer trying to simplify the very life out of it!

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