SaaS Proposal Solutions: Proposable and Octiv


This post is fun since I know both of the companies who developed these proposal systems… and they’re right here in Indiana! Perhaps it’s a Purdue versus Anderson University thing! Sproutbox developed Proposable and Studio Science has just released Octiv (previously TinderBox), both software as a service proposal solutions for the web.


Proposable is a lower cost solution, starting at $19 for basic, $29 for pro and $79 per month for a team. Along with Highrise integration, it appears to be a very capable system for creating and sending rich content proposals – as well as monitoring the activity of the prospect who’s accessing the proposal.

Here’s an associated video for their product:


As with anything Kristian’s team touches, Octiv is well-polished and picks up where Proposable leaves off. The entry level package is for a sales team at $79 per month and the packages grow to $999 per month and up for Enterprise clients. Octiv also has a payment module upsell and other unique features.

And the Octiv video:

Both applications offer a communications system for feedback and monitoring the progress of the proposal. I’m excited about the possibilities for both of these Proposal systems. As a devout user of Freshbooks Invoicing, I’d really love to see an integration of these systems to Freshbooks! Freshbooks has a rough estimate system (sort of an Invoice draft) that can be sent to a client and reviewed, but they don’t have all the features of Proposable nor Octiv.

Congratulations to Kristian on rolling this product out. No doubt he and his team will be successful with it! Kristian’s branding firm is one of the best in the world. If I had a software as a service product and wanted it properly branded for enterprise growth, his firm would always be my choice.


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    Thanks for the TinderBox mention Doug. We launched in beta back in January and have gotten wonderful customer feedback as the product has progressed. We’ll keep your Freshbooks comment in mind!

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    Thanks for the nod to Proposable! It’s good to know two pieces of great proposal software were developed right here in Indiana!

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    Love it, Doug! Everything KA+A does is gorgeous, but I love the power of Proposable’s sales proposal builder and analytics. Great write-up. Thanks!

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    Brad, we’re lucky to have such great entrepreneurs in the state. I love every product coming out of Sproutbox and the company has been amazing. Well done!

  5. 5

    Doug: Thanks for writing a great post that featured TinderBox. It means a lot that you took the time to review what we’ve put together. We are really excited about the opportunity and by the quality of local coopetition.

    As a point of clarification – KA+A partnered in the building of TinderBox with our partners at Gravity Labs, Dustin Sapp and Mike Fitzgerald – two rock stars in the Indy business community.

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