Your Sales Lead Follow Up Template

how to follow up with leads

What's your plan of attack on following up on sales leads? I'm afraid we often fall short… meeting with a prospect and then neglecting to follow up and stay top of mind. It's a difficult strategy to get in place and a good reason to invest in a CRM and sales automation like our clients at Salesvue.

MarketBridge is a company that specializes in bridging the gap between marketing and sales to improve a company's ability to produce better leads and get them closed. They've produced this infographic called, 9 Tips for How to Follow Up with Leads of All Types, which provides a great foundational template for lead nurturing and follow up.

How to Follow Up with Leads of All Types

  1. Use Big Data to learn about your lead.
  2. Properly select your metrics.
  3. Respond quickly to leads.
  4. Manage the initial contact.
  5. Use email lead nurturing.
  6. Engage when your lead is ready to talk.
  7. Invest in excellent CRM Resources.
  8. Consider help from the outside.
  9. Give advice away for free.

How to Follow Up on Leads

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