Sales Outreach: Six Strategies That Win Hearts (And Other Tips!)

Sales Outreach Strategies - Handwritten Cards

Writing business letters is a concept that stretches back to the past. At those times, physical sales letters were a trend aimed to replace door-to-door marketers and their pitches. Modern times require modern approaches (just look at the changes in display advertising) and writing business sales letters is no exception. 

Some general principles concerning the form and elements of a good sales letter still apply. That said, the structure and length of your business letter depends on the type of your audience and the product you wish to sell. The usual length is 4-8 paragraphs, but it can be more if your products require precise description, or less, for more straightforward offers. 

However, we will focus on useful hacks that can not only help you close deals but also win your audiences’ hearts.

Strategy 1: Use Automation To Personalize Your Business Sales Letters

If you want your business sales letters to win hearts, you will need to stand out in many ways. First, you will need to get creative and do something personal. Sending handwritten notes is a great way to make your correspondence send out, however, writing them individually can be time-consuming.  

Luckily, you can use a handwritten letter service that automates the whole process and makes your text appear like it was written by a human hand using a real pen. Sending a business letter like this, with a visually appealing, personalized writing style, is a great way to win the recipient’s heart.

Strategy 2: Include Strong Social Proof

Nothing sells better than a product that was dubbed “life-changing” by the opinions and experiences of those that used it. That doesn’t mean your product needs to be revolutionary, but it has to have a strong social proof shaped by the voices of satisfied customers. 

That’s why it is great to include social proof in your sales letters. Providing links to video testimonials is one  way to do that. This method is proven to effectively drive sales.

A customer video testimonial is a prelude for the CTA(Call to Action) button that should be positioned below the testimonial. The purpose is to use the momentum of positive emotions and inspiration that your testimonial sparked in viewers and naturally give them the option to purchase (through a CTA).

Strategy 3: Use LinkedIn Automation Tools

There is no better place for B2B marketers to leverage and send sales letters than LinkedIn. LinkedIn is a vast business platform where all types of professionals gather to learn, network, scale-up their business and market their products or services. It is a unique market with many opportunities that should be leveraged for your sales strategy.

Many LinkedIn automation tools can help you accomplish high levels of personalization in a creative way. For example, some of these tools offer image personalization so you can add the recipient’s name or profile photo inside an image, to make it more personal. LinkedIn automation tools can also scrap accurate information from your target audiences’ profiles and create personalized and intuitive messages as a human wrote them.

Strategy 4: Make The Opening Line Personal

One big mistake when writing a sales letter is the unsuitable salutation. No one likes generic salutations like “Dear loyal customer” or “Dear reader”. Instead, your audience wants to feel special, respected, and treated uniquely.

That’s why including their names and professions (for B2B businesses) in your salutation, is a sure way to show them you are actually addressing that specific person. Going by “Dear Ben” or “Dear Doctor Richards” will get you a long way and ensure that the recipient will want to read your letter further.

With a large audience, it is hard to manually address each person in a unique way and write every single letter tailored to them. That is where automation comes in handy and saves a lot of time by manually collecting the information like name, profession, gender, etc.

Strategy 5: Use Videos For Your Sales Outreach

Video is currently one of the most desirable content formats that drive engagement incredibly and can immerse the audience more than any other format. You should leverage it to your advantage and incorporate it in your business letters to make your sales pitch more effective. 

A video pitch can instantly grab the viewer’s attention and concisely discuss the topics you would normally cover using text format. With video, you can include actionable scenes of your service in action, showcase your customer’s satisfaction, and ultimately, connect deeper with your audience. 

Many tools can help you make a personalized video message abundant with rich animations and eye-catching visuals, that’ll drive conversions.

Strategy 6: Use Countdown Timers 

You can include countdown timers to your sales emails as they can build a sense of urgency in the person reading. These timers should be positioned at the top, below the headline, built with a striking appearance that grabs attention.

Your goal isn’t to rush them but to showcase the best features of your product and emphasize that the time to act is limited. That said, you still need to have an effective solution for their pain points and a proper method to showcase it.

Here Are Some Additional Sales Outreach Tips

Here are some tips to make your business sales letters win hearts:

  • Make sure to know your audience and properly segment them so you can know their specifics
  • Create compelling headlines and subheadlines that match the type of your audience
  • Include more than one CTAs where it’s natural (below your video testimonials, at the end of the letter, etc)
  • Use hooks to create emotions in your readers
  • Use mystery boxes throughout your letter to make readers read more in other to solve it
  • Always put your offer on the first page
  • Don’t overdo it with the information, include only the best facts, features, and other specific traits your product & service has
  • Use proven techniques like Johnson box to highlight the benefits of your offer throughout the letter

What is a Johnson Box?

Sixty years ago, advertising expert Frank H. Johnson tested if he could increase response rates to his sales letters through a method known affectionately as the Johnson Box. The Johnson Box states the offer in a headline above the salutation.

Writing great business sales outreach is a thoughtful and demanding process. Your words should be carefully written, your content properly structured and the impression after reading should scream “this product gives value”. 

In addition, using hacks will save your time and provide some shortcuts to avoid manually doing redundant activities. Hacks can also add a touch of personality and creativity to your sale letter’s content, tailored to your audience and their specifics. 

Strong sales copy is the core of a successful business letter and creatively using hacks is the door to win recipients’ hearts.

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