Utilizing Sales Prioritization Doubles Your Outbound Sales Conversions

sales prioritization drives sales

I was just having a discussion this week with a SaaS CEO who has been struggling to hire productive sales talent. While they score and prioritize their inbound leads, the team is often slow to contact the leads and their call throughput it terrible. It takes a special kind of sales person to make 70+ calls a day, but that’s exactly what a startup requires if it hopes to drive enough sales to feed successful growth.

Some of the issue with unproductive sales teams is that they don’t have prioritization integrated into their processes and their team is left to multi-task and work through their own priorities. This results in less calls, less touchpoints with prospects, and – ultimately – less sales. Velocify has found that utilizing prioritization can increase daily talk time by 88% and double conversions!

The ability to increase productivity isn’t just about closing faster, our partners at Salesvue have found that larger engagements require longer sales cycles with frequent touch points. If all your sales team is doing is closing hot leads, your company is missing out on larger engagements that never make the task list! Lead scoring, call frequency and response time are all critical for closing engagements.

The numbers are nothing to sneeze at. Automated prioritization is proving time and again to help companies significantly increase their revenues. Here’s Velocify’s infographic that shows why dropping some of the balls in the air should be encouraged. You can download the full report, The Power of Prioritization.


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