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19 Sales Stats for Email, Phone, Voicemail, and Social Selling

Sales is a people business where relationships matter as much as the product, especially in the software sales industry. Business owners need someone they can rely on for their technology. They will leverage this reality, and fight for the better price, but it goes deeper than that. A sales rep and a SMB owner have to get along, and it’s more important for the sales rep for that to happen. It isn’t uncommon for a decision makers to skip over sales reps they don’t like, even if it means paying more.

There is an old joke in management that a sales rep doesn’t have to be smart – just smart enough. All anyone in sales needs to know is how to close the deal. If they can do that, the rest will take care of itself. Office assistants and accountants can take care of the rest. The main thing the suits on the top floor care about is how much money a sales rep can bring in.

Working in sales also requires a different mindset. A carpenter knows when something is built and finished. Their work is in front of them and tangible. An assembly line worker will see what they added onto the widget they helped build, and they’ll also know how many units they finished in a day. A sales-rep doesn’t have that tangible que. Their successes is measured more like points in a game. They know they got it, even if it isn’t something they can touch and feel. Their scorecard consists of dollar amounts and quotas.

It also isn’t a static field. Technology has changed sales as much as any other industry. Social media has given more ways to reach customers and things like email can be effective tools for those who know how to use it. This infographic from Bizness Apps shows the far-reaching impact tech has on sales, and how it’s changed the game.

19 Shocking Sales Stats That Will Change How You Sell

19 Shocking Sales Stats That Will Change How You Sell

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