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The Top 5 Metrics and Investments Marketers are Making in 2015

For the second time, Salesforce surveyed over 5,000 marketers globally to understand top priorities for 2015 across all digital channels. Here’s an overview of the full report which you can download at Salesforce.com.

While the most pressing business challenges are new business development, quality of leads, and keeping pace with technology, how marketers use budgets and track progress is really intriguing:

Top 5 Areas for Increased Marketing Investment

  1. Social Media Advertising
  2. Social Media Marketing
  3. Social Media Engagement
  4. Location-Based Mobile Tracking
  5. Mobile Applications

While there’s an increase in the spend on social and mobile, there’s no avoiding the fact that email is and remains the strongest communication medium for any digital strategy.

Top 5 Marketing Metrics for Success

  • Revenue Growth
  • Customer Satisfaction
  • Return on Investment
  • Customer Retention Rate
  • Customer Acquisition

So there you have it… social and mobile are getting increased attention, but the metrics that matter include keeping great customers along with acquiring new ones!

Future of Marketing 2015

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