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Last week, Isaac Pellerin from our client TinderBox stopped by and demonstrated the Salesforce1 mobile application to me. Wow. Salesforce1 allows companies to create apps using Salesforce Communities, Heroku1 and the ExactTarget Fuel Platform and the user interface is simple and very usable.

The Salesforce1 Platform delivers powerful services like point-and-click development, business logic, mobile SDK, analytics, multi-language development, social collaboration, and cloud identity solutions. It also includes services like uI components, flexible page layouts for mobile, a 1:1 customer engagement engine, and custom actions—all geared for going fast. And since it’s API-first, you can build your app with any experience or uI you want—helping you connect with the next generation of devices, apps, and customers in a whole new way. Salesforce1 App Guide

Benefits to Developers

  • An API-first cloud platform, which means all of your apps connect to your business data
  • An extensible mobile app with uI frameworks, allowing you to build faster than ever
  • Support for all the latest HTMl5 and JavaScript mobile frameworks, like Angular, Backbone, and more
  • A mobile SDK to build custom native iOS and Android apps
  • Instant deployment, real-time distribution
  • More productivity tools to go even faster

Benefits to Business Users

  • Create an app with just clicks
  • Bring a business idea to life with an app—and have it be social and mobile—instantly
  • Build contextually aware, smart, action-oriented apps
  • Deliver data and insights to every employee
  • Add new users and control user access with just a few clicks

Having been a Salesforce user at multiple companies – including my own for a period of time – my biggest hurdle was the user interface and getting to the information I needed quickly and easily. Just setting up a simple campaign and reporting on it was frustrating. I hope that Salesforce takes the usability and ease of use for Salesforce1 and brings it to their web application some day soon!

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