not working with Internet Explorer 7 (It actually does!)

Salesforce IE7

I logged into this morning on IE7 and can't see any buttons to actually execute any commands. The Release Candidates have been out for quite some time on Internet Explorer 7… there's no excuse that an On Demand/Software as a Service provider was not prepared for this.

Even worse is the dumb message in their support. They recommend that you DO NOT immediately upgrade to IE7 when it becomes an Automatic Update. Ummmm, if it's an AUTOMATIC update… how do you NOT immediately upgrade? Oy.

CORRECTION: If you clear your cache, it will work.


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    One more reason anyone using salesforce should be using firefox, but I understand that for many larger companies this will not be an option.

  2. 2 fixed the button issue back in March.

    If you previously changed your IE6 cache settings from the default (Automatically) and you just upgraded to IE7, the IE6 CSS might be cached.

    Try logging in and hiting Ctrl-F5 for a full refresh. Or clear the cache and log in again. Or wait 24 hours. I’m on the latest IE7 release candidate and see the buttons fine.

    Also, you can turn off auto updates. Microsoft covered this in the IE blog ( and here (

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