Salesmachine: Increase SaaS Trial Conversion and Customer Adoption


If you are selling a Software as a Service (SaaS) product, your revenue depends on leveraging customers’ data and product usage at the contact and account level. Salesmachine empowers sales and success teams with actionable insights and automation to increase Trial conversion and Customer Adoption.

Salesmachine Has Two Primary Benefits

  • Boost Trial Conversion – Score qualified leads based on customer fit and product adoption. Salesmachine’s trial qualification allows your sales team to focus on high-qualified leads and close better deals with less effort.
  • Increase Customer Adoption and Retention – Coordinate proactive actions to deliver success across the entire customer journey. Salesmachine helps you drive success at each stage of the customer journey and engage with the customer when a risk is detected.

How Salesmachine Increases Trial Conversion

  • Customer Fit Score – For each new signup Salesmachine calculates a customer fit score based on its demographic, and company information.

Salesmachine Customer Fit Score

  • Product Adoption Score – Score product adoption based on account and user behavior, usage frequency, feature activation, NPS and more signals.

Salesmachine Product Adoption Score

  • Trial Qualification – Combine Customer fit score and Product adoption score to identify Product Qualified Leads (PQL).

Salesmachine Trial Qualification - Customer Fit vs Product Adoption

  • Action Notifications – Notify your sales team in CRM, Email or Slack when a new qualified trial is detected.

Salesmachine Action Notifications

  • Automated Workflows – Boost product engagement for low adoption customers, with onboarding sequences and feature education emails.

Salesmachine Email Automation Workflows

  • Trial Adoption Reporting – Track, measure, analyse scores and conversions to improve accuracy and performance.

Salesmachine Reporting

How Salesmachine Increases Customer Adoption

  • Health Scoring – Salesmachine automatically calculates the health of your customers based on their behavior. You can proactively engage them when a risk or an opportunity is detected across the entire customer journey.

Salesmachine Customer Product Adoption Health Scoring

  • Risk Alerts – Salesmachine is integrated with Slack, Email, and other tools to notify users when decline to bad health or any changes.

Salesmachine Product Adoption Risk Alerts

  • Customer Lifecycle Management – A customer in the Onboarding lifecycle stage should not be treated the same way than a customer in the Renewal lifecycle stage. Salesmachine allows you to group customers across the different stages of the customer journey.

Salesmachine Customer Lifecycle Management

  • Playbooks – When a new qualified lead is detected, Salesmachine can automatically send emails, create a task in your CRM, send you a notification. It’s your personal assistant filling your calendar and inbox with qualified leads to close.

Salesmachine Customer Adoption Playbooks

  • Automation Workflows – Salesmachine is an open platform, create actions in 3rd parties services like Salesforce, Hubspot, Pipedrive, Intercom to coordinate actions between the different teams interacting with your customer.

Salesmachine Customer Adoption Automation and Workflows

  • 360 Degree View of Customer – Get a holistic view of your customers. Aggregate in one place all Intercom, Email conversations, Support tickets, NPS score.

Salesmachine Unified View of the Customer

  • Customer Adoption Reporting – Demonstrate the value of your actions. Measure the real impact of your Salesmachine strategies on your revenue, customer health, churn, and more.

Salesmachine Customer Adoption Reporting

Salesmachine has productized integrations with Zendesk, Gmail, Segment, Intercom, Salesforce, Delighted, Strip, StatisMeter, Olark, and Zapier. They also have a complete JavaScript library, API, and Backend libraries available to consolidate your support, NPS, payment, CRM, and email system into a unified view of your customers.

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