Salonist Spa and Salon Management Platform: Appointments, Inventory, Marketing, Payroll, and More

Salonist Spa and Salon Management Platform

Salonist is a salon software that helps spa and salons manage payroll, billing, engaging your clients, and execute marketing strategies. Features include:

Appointment Setting for Spas and Salons

  • Online Booking – Using the smart Salonist Online booking software, your customers can schedule, reschedule, or cancel appointments anywhere they are. We have both website and app capabilities that can be integrated with Facebook and Instagram social media handles. With this, the overall booking process is completely automated. No double bookings. Goodbye to no-shows with the Salonist.
  • Slot Blockers – Stop wasting the time of staff and customers by giving out unavailable time slots on your calendar. With slot blockers for online booking, you have the power to show only available slots, which restricts excessive appointment booking within a specific time frame.
  • Off-hours Booking – Give your customers more flexibility to book appointments, even outside business hours, by using a management software. With the best salon software, your business can keep moving even when you are offline. Salonist is designed to keep your customer inflow consistent, while they book conveniently anytime and anywhere they are.
  • Package Booking – Enjoy the freedom to create packages for different services in convenient bunches. With this client management software, you can increase the sale and revenue in your studios by making it easy for customers to place bookings based on their preferences. Salonist salon software is also great for increasing the loyalty of your customers with seamless salon packages at their fingertips.
  • Membership Booking – Give your customers an incentive to stay loyal using the membership online booking and scheduling feature. On Salonist, salon owners can run a loyalty program that gives members discounts for specific services. This has been proven to drive salon growth and increase customer retention rates.
  • Accept Payments – How impressive would it be to have the best salon software that makes accepting payments a breeze? Salonist comes with an online booking widget connected with Paypal, Stripe, and Authorize.Net. Salon owners can get payments for your services by simply synchronizing purchases with this widget on our salon management software. You can also accept all forms of payments with our integrated Point of Sale.

Marketing for Spas and Salons

  • Email Marketing – Send anniversary greetings, membership plans, and appointment confirmations in less than five minutes using Salonist’s email marketing services. Email marketing is a great way to increase appointments for your salon and spa services. Salonist is all about improving customer retention rates and generating higher revenue for your company.
  • Review Management – Reviews are a fantastic way to show the world that you’re doing something right. It helps you secure more customers while keeping them loyal. Salonist Appointment scheduling software enables you to get real-time feedback from your customers on your products and services. With prompts sent via SMS and email on their smartphones for proper client management, you can stay connected to your customers.
  • Coupon Management – If there is one thing customers love, it’s free services. Reward your customers for their patronage with discount and coupon offers on all renewal orders. There is no complicated process involved. You can manage this right from the Generate Salon and Spa Discount Coupons tab on the smart salon software. Keep your clients coming in with an array of discounts.
  • Gift Cards – Give your customers the chance to gift their loved ones with your services on special occasions. Whether it’s an anniversary or birthday celebration, a personalized gift card on Salonist can help you get engaged with potential customers. The platform instantly notifies them via email or SMS.
  • Loyalty System – Loyalty programs through client management are another great reward system for your customers. This will help in improving the frequency of their visits. Check out Salonist software for easy access to loyalty programs that will quickly boost your customer referrals, engagement, and security.
  • SMS Campaigns – Reduce the possibility of no-shows from your customers. Salonist help you stay in touch with them through appointment reminders, customer engagement, promotional campaigns, and so much more. Grow your salon business by getting in on the conversation with your customers and knowing exactly what they want.

In addition to appointment setting and marketing, Salonist also includes customer management, prepaid appointments, inventory management, expense management, location management, online store, analytics, point of sale, mobile application, online forms, and detailed reports. This salon software is fitted with everything you need to boost revenue, save time, enhance brand visibility, and make smart decisions in the beauty industry. Explore the features of this most loved tool and get ready to make your business better.

Getting Started with Salonist

Their clientele includes barber shops, hair salons, massage therapists, nail salons, spas, bridal salons, medical spa software, aesthetic skincare, tattoo artists, booth renters, tanning salons, and pet groomers.

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Disclosure: I’m an affiliate of Salonist.

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