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My son, Bill, is leading up the sound production for his High School's performance of The Wizard of Oz. My daughter is going to be in it as well, playing one of the munchkins. Katie is already getting some rave reviews by the people in the play… really cool since she's only in Middle School! It was a stretch for her even to be able go get in the play. She absolutely loves it, though. I'm always amazed at the talent of both of my kids.

As you can imagine, my days and nights are now full of songs from the Wizard of Oz. My son has rewritten “If I only had a Heart” into a modern acoustic version. He hasn't performed it outside the home, though. I wanted to inspire him a little to just pick up the guitar and play it during a break at practice today.

When I saw this video at 3R.e.Medium, I showed it to him and it inspired him to bring his guitar into the rehearsal today. My son has no problem entertaining a crowd… but not a crowd that has no idea what's coming. Imagine performing on a Paris subway! That's what these incredibly talented folks did:

Perhaps this will inspire you! It inspired my son!

PS: Last night I also had Bill rent The Wiz so we could get a change of pace. 😉


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    I have no musical talent but I have always wanted to walk into a place and turn the mother out, I turned off Quincy Jones, slow jams to check this out, just think Doug, this could be you, me and Chris getting down on the EL in Chicago, lets try it. better idea, you and Chris try it and I will hold the viedo cam! great job

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      I’m with you on that one, JD! I can carry a note and I used to be able to dance about a 100 lbs ago. I keep telling my son when he’s rich and famous that I’m going to sing at least one song with him on stage.

      I think he’s worried. 🙂

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    Hey–I really liked the group. Thanks for sharing it. Everything else still goes over my head! (ps. I need to tell Mike to get more stuff on his site!)

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