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How to Score the Winning Goal in the E-Commerce Game

While in the World Cup there can only one winner, many companies can experience success in the game of e-Commerce. There are proven tactics that have helped retailers score. Baynote shows you how to field the best players and a create a dynamic game plan so that your e-Commerce business can bring home a win.

Before the season starts, teams must first invest in the top players. When it comes to e-Commerce 5 out of the 10 most significant retailer investments are in marketing. 56% of merchants invest in search engine marketing and customer acquisition, 51%  in customer retention, 48% in improved key pages, and 42% in SEO. In the infographic below, Baynote presents the data from the 14th Annual Merchant Survey, which shows where merchants are investing, how they perceive the shifting wants and needs of the shopper, and which strategies deliver the greatest ROIs.


Kelsey Cox

Kelsey Cox is the Director of Communications at Column Five, a creative agency that specializes in data visualization, infographics, visual campaigns, and digital PR in Newport Beach, Calif. She is passionate about the future of digital content, advertising, branding and good design. She also really enjoys the beach, cooking, and craft beer.

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  1. I came to know many new things for the e-commerce site and I am damn sure that this going to help me a lot. I liked the visualization of the knowledge here and will work on same.

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