Scoutmob: Real-time Local Deals

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There are some mixed reactions out in the daily deal industry where the pain of excessive discounting has nearly wiped out some of the businesses who utilized the services. Scoutmob appears to do things a bit differently, offering a real-time, pay-as-you-go solution for businesses. Scoutmob is an application distributed to consumers on Android, iPhone and Blackberry where people can login and check out a deal, but use it only when they are ready to.

From the Scoutmob FAQ page:

How is Scoutmob different from those “group buying” sites? Scoutmob is similar to them in some ways, but very different in others. Like these sites, we provide an email with a daily deal that is available for 24 hours. But unlike the “group buying” sites out there, we don’t require upfront payment from those customers, so you get to keep more of your hard-earned revenue. This gives out-and-about locals even more incentive to explore their options. More than that, our mobile platform encourages these paying customers to come back for repeat business. We also cater solely to local businesses, so your brand is among some of the best your city has to offer.

What is a typical deal? The magic of Scoutmob “% off” deals is that they cause higher demographic customers to break their habits and give your business a try, therefore all that we ask is that you give our fans a fantastic deal. Then we protect you by capping the discount and only charging you when our customers decide that they want to give your business a try.

When will I be featured? Our local team will work with you and plan the best day to feature your business. Then, we’ll work with you to create a unique Scoutmob write-up, ensuring our customers (and all of their friends) will hear about your deal.

How long do deals last? Your business will be the feature of our email and website for one day. Then, your deal will last three months. This way, there is urgency in the limited offer, but there’s also enough time for mobile customers to make their way in (and become regulars).

How much does it cost? Up until now, the only way to advertise locally was to pay a bunch of money upfront, hope the message caught on, and then cross your fingers for foot traffic. With Scoutmob, we only ask for payment once you’re paid by our customers. Want to know more about pricing? Click here to talk with the Scoutmob team about pricing.

How am I paid? You are paid the way you should be paid: by those satisfied customers coming to enjoy your offer. After that, you only pay us for the number of Scoutmob fans that claimed the deal.

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