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ScribbleLive announced the launch of ScribbleLive Plan, a content strategy and planning product which enhances marketers' capabilities from strategy to execution.The launch of ScribbleLive Plan is an extension of their current product suite and is Saas software as a fully comprehensive product application.

According to a CMI/MarketingProfs survey, marketers with a documented content strategy are 60% more likely to be successful, but only 32% have one. Plan enables marketers to build and document their content marketing strategy and let it guide their marketing planning and execution.

ScribbleLive Plan aligns with content marketing goals by walking users through a series of questions/decisions to answer during the strategy phase which helps to determine objectives/personas. Those are then tied to content pieces to be executed and integrated into your timeline/editorial calendar to make the best content decisions; such as, who your are talking to, what you are saying and what channel you are saying it on.

ScribbleLive Strategy

With ScribbleLive Plan

  • Content Strategy – create and document your marketing strategy ensuring it’s ingrained in all the content you produce.
  • Objectives and Goals – build buyer personas, content themes, areas of focus and measure the performance of your content against your strategic goals.
  • Collaborate – break down team silos and work simultaneously to execute your strategy, with each member's role defined from planning to publishing.
  • Create and Execute – centralize and streamlines workflows, reducing the number of tools to support your marketing efforts.
  • Editorial Calendar – flexible and user friendly editorial calendar to help sort and manage your content.
  • Publish – to WordPress along with other CMS systems as well as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google Plus.


About Scribble Live

all­ in­ one SaaS solution combines data science with content strategy and planning, creation, and distribution technologies to deliver optimized business results. ScribbleLive is used by 1000+ brands including Bank of America, Bayer, Deutsche Telekom, Ferrari, Oracle, Red Bull and Yahoo!

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