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Today, marketers who are looking for the quickest and smartest way to manage their customers’ experience turn their heads toward the cloud. This allows for all customer data to flow in and out of marketing systems seamlessly. It also means that customer profiles constantly update and customer data sets are automatically created in real-time, providing a fully integrated view of customer interactions across a brand’s enterprise.

SDL, the creators of the Customer Experience Cloud (CXC), says that marketers who manage their customer experience in the cloud have the ability to not only manage campaigns, but to create continuous interaction cycles that reach the customer on their terms. Let’s take a look at how this works:

In the above video, you learn that the SDL CXC delivers seamless, data-driven experiences at each point of the customer journey – across channels, devices and languages. On a single SaaS-based platform, the CXC provides the industry’s first integrated customer experience (CX) management suite that incorporates social, web content, campaign, e-commerce, analytics and documentation management tools. The CXC also integrates with the SDL Language Cloud so that brands can increase their opportunities to interact with customers in their language and culture.

SDL Customer Experience Cloud (CXC) is an integrated technology platform that enables companies to deliver seamless, data-driven experiences to customers at every point of the buying journey – across all channels, devices and languages. 72 of the top 100 global brands use SDL technology to provide superior customer experiences.

SDL’s single platform approach gives marketers a unified view of their customer interactions. From one location a brand can see the effectiveness of its strategies and make consistent adjustments across all customer interactions, or take a more granular approach if needed.

Here is an example of the CXC user interface:


The SDL CXC promises a quicker and easier way for marketers to interact with their customers and empowers them to:

  • Make sense of consumer conversations by collecting customer data at every touch point to proactively inform marketing and product decisions
  • Deliver intelligent digital campaigns by leveraging analytics and targeting campaign interactions for today’s customers
  • Power hyper-relevant experiences by analyzing profiles and behaviors in real-time to create contextual delivery based on the device, time of day, location, language, customer history and more

SDL customer, Schneider Electric, a specialist in energy management found that the single-platform and cloud-based approach made achieving their goals of providing a unified and seamless customer experience much easier. The company is diversified across more than 100 countries and multiple business units. They faced a common challenge for global, enterprise brands: How can a company with a distributed, diverse product and solution range, operating all over the world, deliver something relevant, consistent and fast to all the customers and geographies they serve?

To meet this need, they sought out a web-based solution that would centralize their digital marketing strategy, align it with its digital customer experience and allow the right level of flexibility to adjust to local customer needs. SDL provided just that.

We are passionate about continuously evolving our web experience around our customers and meeting their ever-changing needs. We believe SDL is well-placed to help us evolve our website into an entirely personalized experience, responding to the specific needs of each individual customer. When we’re delivering this level of relevance to our customers online, they get faster answers to their needs, their brand loyalty increases and our entire ecosystem wins. Shawn Burns, Senior Vice President of Web & Digital Marketing at Schneider Electric

Learn more about how Schneider Electric is using the SDL CXC, click here. Learn more about the SDL Customer Experience Cloud.

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