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What are You Found For In Search Engines?

There’s really been a convergence happening in the online marketing industry for quite some time now, but it’s surely getting more critical of recent. Web sites need to be designed well… but ultimately must be found to generate content. That means that web site design and search engine optimization need to packaged together for a site to succeed.

Social media, especially Twitter, are beginning to steal market share and attention from older social bookmarking sites like Digg, Delicious and StumbleUpon.

Since I’ve been preaching this for some time, it’s only fair that I get challenged about how well I’m doing. Last night a prospect called me from Laguna Beach and asked me, first, what I did. I gave an overview that DK New Media is much like buying a general contractor for your home… I understand how to build a web presence for a company and put all the pieces together to ensure its success. We spoke about SEO and I was startled when asked, “What are you found for?”.

I didn’t have a response. Doh!

Quite honestly, I’ve not been in pursuit of specific keywords for quite some time. I did pursue Marketing Tech, Marketing Technology, Online Marketing Technology and MarTech Blog. I’m currently #2 for Marketing Tech and #1 for the others. I hold about 20 other #1 spots but they aren’t quite as relevant.

It was a great question and one that I should have been able to immediately respond to and ring off a list. Quite honestly, I’m more concerned about my clients search engine optimization than my own sites. Another comment was on the aesthetics of one of my sites… also an accurate criticism. Some of my sites suck. 🙂

If you’re an agency who has SEO at the end of your site’s title tag, you better be able to answer the question of what you’re found for on search. And you best be winning that search! (If you’d like to see what you’re ranking for, I’d recommend SEMRush).

To my prospect… sorry I couldn’t answer that off the bat. I’ll be paying closer attention now and looking to win other competitive terms like online marketing, etc. I’ll also be cleaning up my sites so they’re much more professional!

Here’s a recent presentation that I did on Blogging and Search Engine Optimization – with quite a bit of detail on how to leverage keywords.

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    I’ve had my share of those “cobbler whose kids have no shoes” moments. I find it’s an endless feedback loop of discovering the keywords people use who hire you (ask them), the keywords Google thinks relate to you and keywords that deliver numbers (that are worth going after). I like to use Google’s Webmaster tools to find terms I rank high on I had no clue about. I’ve found a lot of marketing consultants are coming to my site this way, and am now offering services to them.