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search engine keyword trackingWe’re excited to have a new client this month who does some extensive marketing in traditional media. With radio, television and direct mail, the common method of tracking a campaign is by offering a coupon code or discount code that be related directly back to the offer.

However, with businesses that have an inbound telemarketing department, the primary method used is to buy banks of toll-free phone numbers and utilize a different phone number for each campaign. Recent studies have shown that a high percentage of web visitors will call rather than contact a company by form or email (40% on local searches).

This client has a great web presence and we’ve already increased visits to their site for a single keyword by 15% in less than 30 days. Increasing visits is nice, but we need to be able to pinpoint the traffic to actual conversions. Our client must realize that the expense of search engine optimization is adding dollars to the bottom line. The solution is to marry the two methodologies… search engine optimization directed to specific toll-free numbers.

On their site, we’ve developed scripting to assign specific phone numbers to specific search keywords that we’re working to optimize. Since their content management system doesn’t allow for server-side code, we partnered with a local development firm, ThinkSayDo, to develop the code in JavaScript.


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    Doug, I know a company that has only one phone number but adds a simple “Ask for Amy” or “Ask for Jim” to their toll free phone number posting. There is no Amy or Jim at the company but when they answer they just listen for what name people ask for and then say he/she isn’t here right now but I can help you. Obviously the name identifies which campaign people are responding to.

    Same thing works with fake extensions. Call 800-555-5555 x3542. There is no extensions 3542 but it tells you everything you need to know.

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    We used to do the same with Direct Mail, Patric! We used to sign the letters with a fake name and title – then use that to track the campaign and offer. In these days of required transparency, I’m sure that common practice wouldn’t be appreciated too much now.

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