Payraise Calculator Analytics

You folks may not think this is as interesting as I do, but this is a screenshot of my hits on Payraise Calculator. I really find it interesting that all the hits are during the week and barely any on the weekend. I suppose I have 2 kinds of visitors, those calculating a raise for someone else or those calculating a raise for themselves. I would have thought the latter group would be checking stuff

Movie Industry III… Perhaps some hope… Perhaps not

Part I Part II Perhaps Some Hope for the Movie Industry: Last night I was drawn to a good banner ad (I actually was!) for The Descent. This is an incredible web site… the creators utilize the browser real estate, flash, streaming media… all to create a super creepy experience. Perhaps the coolest portion of the site is “experience”, where you can click claustrophobia and the screen actually shakes and shrinks as you watch. Awesome!!!

When Psychopaths go to Work

Many of my closest friends and colleagues know that I had a very terrible experience leaving an employer of mine a while ago. Some people may wonder why folks can’t simply move on after something like that. When that employer is a very large organization it tends to repeatedly come back and remind you. Unless you actually leave the city, you continue to hear the ‘word on the street’ on what happened after you left.

Godin: Intuition vs Analysis

Seth asks a great question that is usually quite a point of contention for Software Product Managers…. Do you go with Intuition or Analysis? My personal view on this is that you it’s a delicate combination of the two. When I think about analysis, I think about data. It could be data regarding competition, use, feedback, resources, and productivity. The problem is that analysis is heavily dependant on history, not innovation and the future. While

Most of the News That Might Fit to Print… New York Times Shrinking

According to today’s Indianapolis Business Journal: New York Times to cut staff, cut paper width The New York Times Co. said today it plans to reduce the width of its flagship newspaper by an inch and a half and close a printing plant in Edison, N.J., resulting in the loss of about 250 jobs. The changes will go into effect by the second quarter of 2008 and will save the company about $42 million a

Marketing Inspiration

One of my favorite newsletters for marketing inspiration is Springwise. It’s not always about Marketing, but is really about taking a different approach to your work. Working in the boundaries can be suffocating – it’s nice to think outside them! You can sign up for the newsletter here. Another nice service they add is the ability to download a pdf of the newsletter for distribution. The site is set up more like a blog and