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Technorati is a fantastic tool – but I'm not sure how well all of the features of it are really marketed. One of the features that I like is the ability to search all blogs for certain tags. I even subscribe to some searches.

TipGo to and you can find the top tags this hour OR you can enter some search terms. The resulting URL will look like this: (if searching for adobe apollo).

Technorati Blog Tag Search

If you notice, you can actually subscribe to that RSS feed now! Using a feed reader like Google Reader, you can get the most up to date blog entries on “Adobe Apollo” or whatever topic you'd when they are posted! It's kind of like setting up an alert for the entire blogosphere.

An alternative use for this is to search for a topic prior to blogging about it. This can provide your content with some robust references and trackbacks!


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    Heh, I STILL can’t get Technorati to update my blog! I’ve been pinging them for DAYS~! As for tech support, nothing fails like success:

    “If you don’t hear back from anyone within a week, please accept our apologies for the delay as we may be experiencing a backlog in Support.”


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    When that happened to me, I lost a couple months worth of history with Technorati. It took a while, but they did eventually get it fixed. I can’t imagine all of the blogs that this must happen to and how long it must take for them to fix it. I even tried deleting my blog from them and starting over… didn’t work. They still seemed to use some caching mechanism.

    Be patient. I’m confident they’ll fix it!

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    Vince, sorry you had to reach us via Doug’s blog, but I found the problem with your blog’s configuration in our system, fixed it, generated a new ping, and I now see your recent posts in our index.

    Again, sorry about that. Dorion

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