SeeVolution: Heatmaps and Real-Time Analytics

seevolution heatmap

Businesses of all sizes are always on the hunt for ways to improve their website and to increase website conversion rates. The SeeVolution toolbar uses overlay technology, which allows users to view website analytics without ever leaving the page, providing accurate and comprehensive analytics at a glimpse of an eye.

SeeVolution’s technology helps users instantly improve their website with a real-time analytics toolbar that organizes behavioral data, which is analyzed and presented in a clear and concise way. The heatmap technology provides visual images of clicked hot spots, scrolling behavior, mouse movements and live action clicking.

SeeVolution 3.0 features the following

  • Site and Page Analytics – Graphical analytic tools for overall clicks
  • Click Heatmap – See the hot spots and dead spots where people do and do not click
  • Eye Tracking – See mouse movement and mobile scroll and zoom on the page
  • Filter – Filter results by device type, referrers or geography
  • Scroll Heatmap – See the attention span of visitors by the time spent
  • Top Pages – Navigate to top pages to see their heatmaps
  • Live Clicks – View real-time click traffic to the street location of users
  • Crosshair View – Provides a deep layer of analytics on any specific spot on the page
  • User Dashboard – Provides access to reports and alerts, as well as user account settings with multiple domain access

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