How Should You Sell Online


Choosing where to sell your items online can be a bit like buying your first car. What you choose depends on what you are looking for, and the list of choices can be overwhelming. Community ecommerce sites offer an opportunity to tap into a very wide network of customers but they take a larger cut of the profits. If you wish to sell fast and aren’t worried about margins, they may be your best bet.

Ecommerce sites are next, providing out of the box software as a service platforms that have some very robust integrations – many with pay per click integration and email marketing. If you want more control over speed, flexibility and customization, hosting your own ecommerce site may be the answer. And if you wish to build your own, you’re just nuts.

Here is a fun and witty infographic which explores the various avenues of selling at the current array of sites online.

WhereSource:CPC Strategy Blog


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    I spent quite some time going through the flow chart of this infographic. I found it really amusing and, in reality, quite on spot – really. The person that designed this infographic really has some knowledge of how to sell things online.

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