Eventbrite + Teespring: Sell T-Shirts With Your Tickets

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We operate an annual music and technology festival in Indianapolis each year. It’s a great event where we bring in regional bands and take a day off to celebrate the regional growth as well as raise some money for the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society.

Our agency is the key sponsor of the event, and then we typically get other companies to cover additional costs. Unfortunately, though, sponsorship funding typically comes in at the last minute… not leaving time for too much planning!

Thank goodness for technology, though! Next year, we’ll be shifting the event planning a bit and taking more control of it. One great idea that we’re going to implement for sure is the opportunity to combine the sales of our tickets along with event t-shirts. Eventbrite and Teespring have setup just the system. Just add the Teespring App to your event and setup your t-shirt.

Eventbrite’s partnership with Teespring lets you quickly upload artwork onto merchandise, set your price, and instantly create an online page where attendees and fans can purchase from. Your merchandise is then promoted on your event page.

Whenever you want your campaign to end, Teespring will print, package and deliver all orders to your buyers all over the world. Engage with your attendees and try it out!

Disclosure: That’s our Eventbrite Referral Program link.

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