Selz Plugin: Turn Blog Posts and Social Updates into Sales

selz wordpress

Selz is a great advancement in ecommerce, providing a clean and simple user interface for selling items (physical or digital downloads) on social or through your site or blog.

The embedding of their paltform is accomplished through a widget or purchase button. When pressed, the user is brought to a secure site and is able to download or order the product they requested. There’s no need for complex payment integration, installing secure certificates, or installing an ecommerce platform.

Now Selz has launched a WordPress Ecommerce Plugin that makes it even easier to monetize your WordPress blog or site.

With Selz, there are no monthly fees, no hidden fees for “extensions” – only a flat fee per sale. Selling digital downloads from a WordPress site is also simple. Selz will host your files for free and will automatically deliver your ebook, PDFs, videos or files when someone buys them.

Additional features from Selz:

  • Online store – Your own store, no website, no costs, no configuration.
  • Facebook store – Add your new store to your Facebook page. Let your fans shop directly within Facebook.
  • Multiple networks – Post to your Facebook profile, Facebook page, Twitter, Pinterest, or blog from one place.
  • Download or Delivery – Secure download links for digital items. Delivery options for physical.
  • Social statistics – See at a glance where your sales are coming from.
  • Multi currency – Process transactions in over 190 currencies, get paid in all major currencies; AUD, USD, EUR, GBP, etc.


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