Semrush Adds Tool to Crawl Your Site and Find HTTPS Issues

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If you've ever had to utilize a browser's developer tools to try and track down a rogue image or include that's not secure, you know how frustrating it is. Lucky for us, there's been a fantastic update to Semrush‘s comprehensive Site Audit – the addition of an HTTPS checker.

semrush https checker

You can now perform an in-depth HTTPS check which covers 100 percent of Google's security recommendations.

Why is HTTPS so Important?

Moving from HTTP to HTTPS is not just nice to have, it is pretty much a must. HTTPS is implemented to protect the privacy and integrity of data exchanged between your browser and the website: cookies, logins and passwords, bank card details, etc. Your visitors will love you more if you have HTTPS, because they will feel more secure entering their data on your website.

Why HTTPS Needs Checking

The process of migration from HTTP to HTTPS is a rather bumpy journey, and unless you implement HTTPS correctly, all your efforts to become the god of security will be wasted. The most common mistakes include things like:

  • Expired certificates
  • Certificates registered to incorrect website name
  • Missing server name indication (SNI) support
  • Old protocol versions
  • Mixed security elements.

Unlike other existing HTTPS implementation checks, Semrush tells you exactly where and what type of mistake you’ve made and how to fix it. The Site Audit HTTPS Checker has a user-friendly interface with all checks displayed in an obvious way. Best of all, the checks were built based on Google’s HTTPS implementation recommendations.

Disclosure: We are an affiliate of Semrush

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