Semrush Enhances Competitor Pay Per Click Analysis

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We’ve been fans and affiliates of Semrushfor many years now. They continue to enhance their offerings and extend their data capture capabilities, providing incredible insight into our clients’ search engine visibility. Recently, Semrush enhanced their Pay Per Click reporting – providing a clear picture and history of the companies you’re competing with on paid search engine marketing.


Here are the key features of the upgraded Adsense reporting:

  • Adsense General Trend – This helps you to identify whether your competitors are using Adsense or not and provides understanding of their past activity.
  • Type of Ads competitors are using – The pie chart brings at-a-glance data about the Ads your competitors are using the most. By clicking on one type of Ad you will be forwarded on detailed report.
  • List of Domains where Ads are published – Browse the websites that your competitors’ are using to promote their Adsense.You can see a detailed report with the number of Ads displayed on each website.
  • Investigate Competitors’ Ad Texts – Learn which texts your competitors’ are publishing in Adsense, steal best practices, and adapt them to your future campaigns.
  • Investigate Competitive Media – Now you can know exactly which type of media your competitors’ use and you can see which products are being advertised on their banners.
  • Analyze Competitive Landing Pages – Learn more about competitors’ landing pages to increase your Adsense efficiency. In Semrush, you also have the ability to determine those that are most popular.

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