Sendgine: Organize your Trains of Thought

If you’re trapped in mountains of email as I am, there may be hope. Sendgine combines the ease-of-use we expect from email with the organizational abilities popularized by project management systems, providing users with a web-based platform that has everything they need to turn collaboration into accomplishment.


Instead of managing projects, Sendgine introduces Trains of Thought, where files, messages, events and to-dos flow together toward a specific goal. The platform allows users to bring large files to and from other cloud apps such as Dropbox and Facebook easily.

Within each Train, users can remove themselves from conversations, turn off email and mobile notifications with the mute feature, or target message notifications to specific people with the quiet feature, bringing an end to inbox clutter. Sendgine also saves time, hard drive space and mobile data usage by allowing users to view files with a single click and preview documents without having to download them.

Files and messages in Sendgine can be stored and sent with “secure+” protection. This feature provides additional privacy features not typically available with email by combining at-rest encryption with limits on the information displayed in email notifications.

Sendgine offers both free and paid subscriptions. With the free plan, members start with three free Trains each month and receive additional free Trains for each new user who boards (up to 20 new free Trains per month). Membership plans range from $8 a month (Lite Plan) to $19 a month (Pro Plan). On the Pro Plan, users can start an unlimited number of Trains.

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