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Sendoso Direct Mail Automation

When I worked at a major SaaS platform, one effective way that we used to move the customer journey forward was by sending a unique and valuable gift to our target customers. While the cost per transaction was expensive, the investment had an incredible return on investment.

With business travel down and events canceled, marketers have some limited options to reach their prospects. Not to mention the fact that companies are driving more noise through digital channels. Direct mail is able to rise above the noise, getting upwards of 30x the response rate of email.

If you can engage your audience with delightful, tangible, and impactful incentives, you can move the journey forward. Sendoso is a provider of these services – from product selection, to automation, to transaction integration, through fulfillment. This strategy is known as direct mail marketing automation.

The results are impressive, Sendoso clients have achieved:

  • 22% increase in revenue per opportunity
  • 35% increase in conversions to meetings
  • 60% response rate from packages sent
  • 450% return on revenue from deals closed
  • 500% increase in close rates

Sendoso Overview

Utilizing address validation, Sendoso can send your prospects or customers a personalized product, an egift, a perishable, or any product off of Amazon. The platform is also integrated with major marketing automation platforms, sales engagement platforms, CRMs, customer engagement platforms and ecommerce platforms.

Optimize Your Buyer’s Journey

  • Awareness – send 3D pop-up cards, branded notebooks, tote bags, portable chargers, or other small swag items to get on people’s radar.
  • Decision – effectively engage with your target accounts by sending engaging dimensional mailers or high-quality jackets featuring your logo.
  • Consideration – Inspire interest and intent among your audience with custom video mailers or sweet treats featuring your logo.

Accelerate Your Sales Funnel

Some examples of the products that you can automate sending of:

  • Door Openers – Get on someone’s desk instead of fighting in their inbox with a hyper-personalized item from Amazon with a thoughtful handwritten note.
  • Deal Accelerators – Solidify relationships and finalize negotiation conversations with a bottle of wine customized with your company logo.
  • Meeting Makers – Engage multiple decision-makers at once by sending cupcakes, cookies, or other sweet treats that the entire office can share.

Using Sendoso, a software company for online to offline engagement,was able to build $100M in pipeline and $30M in revenue from one campaign. They sent 345 bundles to ABM accounts, including a gift card, sweet treat, Total Economic Impact infographic, Total Economic Impact executive summary, and a handwritten note.  

Productized integrations include Salesforce, Salesforce Marketing Cloud, Salesforce Pardot, Eloqua, Hubspot, Outreach, Salesloft, SurveyMonkey, Influitive, Shopify and Magento.

If you’re interested to learn more about how 1:1 personalized marketing can create meaningful brand awareness and build up your post-COVID pipeline, request a Sendoso demo.

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