How to Optimize Your Copywriting for Search Engines in 2014

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We still have training sessions with our clients to clarify a lot of questions regarding search engines and how to write to improve your visibility. Plain and simple you don't write for search engines, you write for people. I believe Google's algorithms have finally advanced to recognize authors and authority, sharing and popularity, citations for distinction, and content to feed the intent of the searcher.

Copy is one of the most important aspects of onsite Search Engine Optimization. But with Google constantly pushing new algorithm updates and changing the rules of the game, it’s really hard to keep track of what works. Moreover, it’s difficult to know whether your optimization efforts are doing more harm than good to your rankings. Here are 13 tips that will help you write content that ranks in 2014. Michael Aagard, ContentVerve

In 2014, the infographic absolutely focuses on the right experience for the reader. I don't honestly believe this is SEO Copywriting, I'd argue that the tips are simply great copywriting tips. From an SEO standpoint, there's still an opportunity to ensure that great content is presented well on your site, though. Compelling titles, related articles, site and navigation hierarchy, visual media, mobile responsiveness… all of those aspects need to be interwoven with your content strategy to ensure an awesome user experience. When that happens, great search engine rankings will follow!


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