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Founder and CEO John Rasco provided me with a sneak peek demonstration of an incredible Software as a Service (SaaS) SEO dashboard a few weeks ago and now RefreshWeb is going live to the masses with their new SEO dashboard. RefreshWeb first built the application out of frustration for their own clients since they could not easily get a complete look at all the dimensions of keyword targeted-search engine marketing.

There are three important elements of search engine tracking… the volume of searches per keyword, your current rank and volumes (and relative share), and your historical rank (whether you’re gaining or losing ground). As far as I know, there’s no other product on the market that looks at search as a ‘market’ and translates your rank to market share. RefreshWeb has done this with a simple but powerful reporting interface.


With the ability to build custom keyword lists that are targeted to your marketing goals, you can finally get a handle on how much impact your efforts have had. No more picking through piles of data. You’ll be able to see how rankings improve over time and where new opportunities for growth are waiting. The RefreshWeb SEO Management Dashboard tracks the metrics that matter:

  • Market reach across the 5 major search engines
  • SEO reporting software for both current and historical data
  • Rankings on the 5 major search engines correlated to search volume
  • Keyword trending report with detailed exception reporting
  • In-depth SEO analytics for each keyword


Five reports come standard with the $250 per month package (updated weekly):

  1. The TASMReach is the home page for the client (Total Available Search Market? TASM?). It shows the percent of TASM reached as well as the current search volume for each term. Mousing over a term in the table highlights it on the chart.
  2. The GoogleRankings uses the same technology to display the results, but you’re looking at rankings instead of reach. All 5 of the major U.S. search engines are tracked.
  3. The SEOProgressReport compares the results from any two dates in the system, with the bar graph at the top representing gains and losses. Highlighting a bar in the bar graph displays the search term associated with that result.
  4. The KeywordTrending report give you an overview of gains and losses for the current date, with the keywords linking to a 5-week tracking of rankings, so you can see if the trend is moving up or down. Weekly rankings for any term can fluctuate, based on factors such as the 19 different Google data centers in the U.S., where the Googlebot is in the indexing, etc. So, you need to be able to see a slice of the history to see if you have an anomaly or a problem.
  5. The SummaryComparison chart is a great tool for showing management progress over time, but summarized into total terms in each ranking category. This helps keep the reporting at a high level. All the detail is available through the system, but it’s hard for someone not familiar with SEO or the work in progress to utilize granular information.

The RefreshWeb SEO Management Dashboard was built by web marketers for web marketers. It’s a powerful SEO management tool that streamlines your workflow and reports critical information on SEO analytics in useful, actionable ways. You can watch a video on the RefreshWeb service as well.

The gold-level subscription comes with email-based support from real marketers on the RefreshWeb team. Expert advice from the trenches and an SEO management tool developed with marketing professionals in mind? That’s a tough combo to beat. Let John know you read the post here at Martech Zone!


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    Wow, I know my boss will be very interested in this new software! I am going to forward this post to her, thanks for the information, looks great!

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    The RefreshWeb SEO dashboard definitely is exciting and useful. The clean interface presents the metrics managers care about in ways that make sense to drive action. I've used it and I like it.

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      I think they're ahead of the curve, as well, at looking at Search with the vision of 'market share'. We'll all eventually be there – but great to see someone step out in the lead!


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