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up arrowchartFrom time to time, Highbridge has room in our busy schedule to assist our partner companies. We blog about some, have them on the radio show, have designed some infographics for others, and we give away software licenses (we just sent out a bunch for our social media monitoring) and even do some SEO promotion! For the holidays last year, we decided to do this for all of our partners.

One of those gifts was a complimentary promotion package for Agent Sauce, a real estate marketing company. Adam is always helping my business – either helping with code and infrastructure work, promoting us, or just being a supportive friend to lean on. It was payback time! The value of this package was about $1,000.

We targeted some blogs, some bookmarking sites, and some other relevant resources and went to work writing great content everywhere on Adam’s behalf. Agent Sauce was already optimized and ranking on some keywords – so we just concentrated on them. The promotion worked and Adam was kind enough to share the results.

Since January (less than 60 days), Agent Sauce’s analytics have taken a marked improvement after the promotion:

  • Visits are up 47%
  • Pageviews are up 54%
  • Bounce rate is down 10.5%
  • Time on site is up 37%
  • New visits are up 7%

Looking at these stats collectively, you’ll notice that all the numbers moved in the right direction. Why? Just because your site is internally optimized for the right content doesn’t mean that the search engines view it that way – off-site content with links back to your site is a confirmation. When search engines see keywords pointing to your site, they push your site up in those rankings.

We’ve had clients that we’ve worked with where the overall traffic actually shrunk… but because it was better targeted, leads and conversions actually increased. It’s about getting the right audience to your site, not just more audience. Adam’s stats show that people are staying longer, leaving less, and more of them are coming… that’s exactly what everyone wants to see – and it didn’t happen by doing anything on the site!


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    I suspect that what Digital Home Info really wants to see is more paid registrations for their services, not just increased visits and pageviews, etc. How are conversions trending with all of the increased traffic? Isn’t that all that really matters?

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      Outstanding question – and I agree with you 100% Paul. Like many industries, Adam doesn’t have a checkout process on his site and engagements are nurtured through to a sale. Adam was nice enough to provide these stats but the sales are not known at this point. I suspect it will be several months more as he drives these leads through his sales funnel.

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      Paul, I would agree that what we really want is better conversions. Although we do have a checkout process online (sorry Doug), very few of our customers take that route. As Doug said we generate leads through the site and nurture them to a sale. When I saw your comment last night I went through and looked at the leads generated and sales completed vs. the same period last year. I can tell you that we generated ~40% more leads and added ~25% more clients this year over last. It could be a number of factors, economic improvement, season, increased sales being the very nature of a business that is in a growth pattern, etc… the bottom line is that the increase in legitimate traffic (not just eyeballs) has lead to an increase in sales. The key being that it was legitimate traffic.

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