7 SEO Key Strategies You Should be Deploying in 2016

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A few years ago, I wrote that SEO was dead. The title was a bit over the top, but I stand by the content. Google was quickly catching up with an industry that was gaming search engines and resulting in the quality of search engines dropping significantly. They released a series of algorithms that not only made it difficult to manipulate search rankings, they even buried those they found doing blackhat SEO.

That's not to say a site shouldn't be optimized for organic search. It's just that SEO professionals that had limited their expertise to backlinking and ranking found themselves out of job. Search professionals like our agency predicted the changes and warned our clients against manipulation, and now our firms are doing quite well. But our approach is multi-channel and not narrowly focused on search itself. We recognize how the ecosystem of digital mediums all support one another.

Gone are the days when SEO was still all about focusing on mere keywords, backlinks and page 1 rankings. Search engines are getting smarter, that’s how industry leader David Amerland puts it, and they’re getting better in understanding more of user’s intent and how they can provide with meaningful. Still, merely stuffing your site with articles and cute graphics won’t cut it unless you learn more about these strategies and become better in SEO for 2016. Jomer Gregorio, Digital Marketing Philippines

If you're a digital marketer and want to become better at SEO, this infographic from Jomer hits on all of the key elements in modern search engine optimization. Here are 7 key strategies for 2016 SEO:

  1. Understand the Most and Least Important Ranking Factors for 2016 – According to Moz, mobile-friendliness, perceived value, usage data, readability, and design top the list. Paid links and anchor text have dropped in impact (and paid links could even do your brand damage).
  2. Optimize for Mobile Search – Mobile search increased 43% YoY, with 70% of mobile searches leading to an action within the hour..
  3. Focus on User Intent – Instead of keywords, think about relevant long-tail keywords and overall topics. Search engines have evolved to understand user intent, so you can write more natural content that's engaging to prospects and readers.
  4. Going Local is Still a Good Way to Go – Half of all online store visitors go visit the store within the day. Make sure you're listed accurately in Bing, Google, and Yahoo! business searches with consistent messaging throughout.
  5. The Longer the BetterStop producing an endless production line of evergreen content and invest in premier, educational and multi-media content that provides the best information online on specific topics.
  6. Site Security and SEO – Moving your site to a secure connection (as we've done), may provide you the edge you're looking for above your competitors. It's a solid move if you're collecting any kind of data anyways.
  7. Make Your Content Searchable through Voice – Apple Siri, Google Now and Microsoft Cortana are all virtual assistances with one feature being the ability to search and find information on the internet. Along with longer content, complete articles may provide you more opportunity in voice search than less qualitative evergreen content.

Here's the 2016 SEO Strategy Infographic

2016 SEO Strategies

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