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I've been having a lot of success leveraging Youtube to boost the relevance of landing pages for a specific keyword.  It's a simple process and here's how it goes:
Youtube SEO - Title & Description

  1. Create a landing page that has your keyword in the URL, hyphen separated.  This helps bots to view the words differently and therefore acknowledge your relevance to the phrase you're targeting.  For this example, I'm going to use
  2. Create a video that you will embed on this landing page.  From an SEO standpoint, the video's content doesn't matter at all because we all know bots can't crawl video.  But, from a human perspective, make sure the video is indeed relevant.  After all, this is the page that we're going to be driving traffic to.
  3. Upload the Video to Youtube and use your keyword or phrase as the title of the video.  For example, my video is titled, “Small Business CRM”
  4. Finally, insert your hyperlink (http:// included) in the description of the video.

Youtube SEO - Hyperlink
When Youtube publishes this video, any string found that matches the pattern of a URL, beginning with HTTP, is automatically hyperlinked to that URL.  This is where the landing page's URL itself is important because you're not able to manipulate the anchor text yourself, Youtube simply hyperlinks the address.  So, having your key term in the URL ensures that the anchor text contains your target keyword.  For example, see the hyperlinked URL on this Youtube video page.

But isn't this a no-follow link? Of course it is.  The anchor tag that Youtube wraps on your URL will be given an attribute of rel=”no-follow”.  Guess what: who cares!  Despite what the w3 standard says a no-follow tag is supposed to mean, historic data has demonstrated for me time and time again that these supposedly unfollowed links help boost relevance of the target URL.  Albeit less effective than an in-post link, it's effective.

Moreover, the H1 tag on this page, the title, contains your key term.  So, you have a page that is relevant to your key term linking to your landing page via anchor text stuffed with your key term.  It's easy!

Last, but not least, embedding this video on the landing page where it's now linked to is an important final step.  This embedded video tells Google's bot that the content of the page is indeed relevant to the key term desired.  Why?  Because the title of the embedded video contains the key term this page is targeting.  Whereas other embedded flash objects are not crawled, I have every confidence that a Google bot recognizes the Youtube object and factors the title of the video into its algorithm.


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    I would make one recommendation – put your link before your content rather than in it. Many people don’t expand and read the entire YouTube description entry. You’ll find you’ll increase your click-through rate by putting a link first.

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    I started doing this a little over a month ago and have been getting some real good results for not only myself but several clients as well. thanks for letting my secret out of the bag. LOL.


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    Another thing to do is to transcribe your video content. This will give it a better chance of being seen within a YouTube search also. A friend gave me the heads up on which is a service that does alot of the work for you. Im sure you could include the transcribed text on the landing page and hide it from public view while still helping your page rank. Great info and tips on actually optimizing video content instead of just putting it up.

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    Great info. Alot of people dont understand how titling videos can help them. Also look into transcribing them with a service like Speaker Text. This allows you to post a transcription to YouTube which makes it easier to find your video content on YouTube itself. You could probably take the text and put it in your landing page but hide it from view also.

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    Thanks for the very informative post. My only question would be, why duplicate the video content back on the landing page? The people have already seen it on YouTube, why not have different relevant content that matches the key terms instead? Would this not be as effective if not more?

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      Hi Chris,

      Great question. There are two means of viewers reaching the video – one
      means may be through a search on a video hosting platform like YouTube,
      or through folks referencing the video on YouTube. However, placing the
      video on your site will optimize that page in search engines and show up
      in the video bar that is optionally displayed in search results. As
      well, if you have a good social and PR network – posting the video
      content on your landing page can attract even more traffic. Lastly,
      it’s been shown in many tests that a video on a landing page can
      increase conversion rates. I do agree with you with one respect –
      ensure that the video on your landing page is relevant to the content
      there. That’s good optimization!


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    I have to say that your above article is the best and most professional looking I have read today and I have read a few on You Tube hyperlinks. The relevance between the said number one video search engine and a newly promoted owner web page is great and seldom picked up upon by other “SEO Websites” and I think this is very relevant and a good logical conclusion in my marketing strategy. Thanks.

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    Interesting tip and thanks for sharing. With Google controlling a majority of searches that take place on the internet, having some content and links on it’s different platforms is a sure way to benefit every webmaster or blogger. And with the huge traffic that YouTube command daily across the internet, there’s no better place to take advantage of this for traffic.

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    Great post, love the content. I was wondering what the theme is that u are using, love the dissapearing sidebar. Please send me your affiliate link if you got one, would like to get the template and the plugin

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