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Yesterday, I did some training on search engine optimization and invited designers, copywriters, agencies and even competitors to come to the training. It was a full-house and went well.

Placement in search engines isn’t always the answer – a company must have effective content, a great site, and a path for them to engage with the company.


I do think of myself as a search engine optimization expert. For the majority of companies, I can optimize their sites or platforms, provide them with information on how to do keyword research, and show them how to present that content in a way that will ensure they are found where they want to be.

As you look inward at your organization and your Search Engine Optimization efforts, there’s a point of no return for you as well. I don’t care how much you read online about SEO, who you believe, what you think you know… you don’t have what it takes to move the needle after a certain point. Many of the customers I’ve worked with that have SEO expertise rank incredibly well for a handful of keywords – but don’t effectively convert the prospects that have actually made it to their site.

If you don’t have the resources to use an elite firm, stop messing around. There are a lot of alternatives to ranking on a highly competitive, high volume keyword:

  • You could be targeting long-tail, more relevant keywords that actually improve your conversion rates because they lead to smaller quantities of better qualified prospects.
  • You could be improving the design of your site to appear as a more professional, trusting organization, improving calls-to-action, and landing pages – improving overall conversion rates.
  • You could be modifying your content and executing multi-variate testing, a/b/n testing and split-testing to improve the conversion rates of the prospects that are abandoning your site.
  • You could be improving your page titles and meta descriptions to improve the relevance of your search engine results page (SERP) so that more search engine users actually click your entry on the results page. Check your click-through rates in Google Webmaster Central.
  • You could be effectively utilizing social media and email marketing to engage, re-engage and upsell your customers – improving overall business results.

Search engines have become a critical medium for companies deploying inbound marketing strategies… but that doesn’t mean that you should be utilizing all your resources to try to squeeze every last ounce out of it. You need to put in enough effort to follow best practices, but spend your additional time effectively. If ranking for highly competitive keywords is your only option or has the most return on investment, invest in a search engine optimization firm like ours, Highbridge. If the return on investment isn’t there, focus your attention on alternative strategies that will increase your overall business results.

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    Hopefully some of the web developers who attended learned a few things. Nothing like running in to websites that cost a client 5 digits that don’t have page titles or meta descriptions done properly, or that have multiple home URL’s. And another thing…website builder people, don’t build or rehab a website without doing keyword research or having someone do it. It’s an issue of due diligence.

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