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Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is absolutely critical for any online growth strategy. It’s true that social is a behemoth out on the horizon, but the fact is that about 90% of Internet users will do at least one search within an online session. Compound that with the fact that an active search user has an intent to make a purchase decision much of the time… and you quickly begin to recognize why all businesses should have a comprehensive online strategy that includes search engine optimization.

If you’ve not taken the time yet to review SEOmoz Pro toolset, I’m going to urge you to. The irony is that you don’t need to be a Pro to use it – quite the opposite. The toolset can take anyone with an interest in improving their rank on search engines and provide them with the comprehensive tools necessary to optimize their sites and surpass the competition. We’ve been rolling out packages for each of our clients.

The nice folks at SEOmoz also allowed us to giveaway an account in our 2,500th blog post celebration – which was won by Mack Earnhardt of Agile Reasoning. (There are a ton of prizes still – be sure to subscribe to our newsletter by clicking the subscribe link in the header).

As a thank-you, I wanted to write a more in-depth review that speaks to the three most powerful features of the SEOmoz Pro Toolset:

  • Weekly crawl diagnostics and rank tracking: The software crawls the site each week and notifies the user of issues that may impact ranking performance. Keywords are tracked for rankings in Google, Bing, and Yahoo against competitors.
    Crawl Diagnostics
  • Competitive link analysis: Understand what websites are linking to your competitors, helping them to rank better. Target these sites to be listed and improve your own performance.
    Competitive Link Analysis
  • On-Page Optimization: A snapshot of how a user’s on-page keywords are performing. Easy grades and a detailed page analysis help target the biggest areas for improvement and provide detailed recommendations on how to improve on-page optimization.On Page Analysis

If you’re target audience is in the United States and you’re looking to monitor, analyze and improve your search engine results, SEOmoz Pro is a required toolset.


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    Hey Douglas I’ve recently took up SEOmoz on their 1month free trial 🙂 …I was just searching around for some reviews and found this post, it’s a good write-up! I haven’t found the time to utilize my account yet but will do soon as will want to know whether to subcribe full time! You mention the US target audience, I’m in the UK and target mainly UK and for some clients Europe too – is this going to be of benefit to me?

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    Hi Douglas, we’ve been using SEOmoz Pro for a few months with local clients in the Philippines and it works just fine. Not sure if there’s something I’m missing. Care to elaborate? Thanks!

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    SEOmoz tool set is a must have for all SEOs and individuals who are serious about search engine rankings and wants to bring their websites at first page of major search engines as soon as Possible.

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    Thank you for sharing your review. Even thou it was a simple review, this phrase got me: this is not for pros. I was afraid I’d have to lose a huge amount of time and effort. Thanks!

    Just hate theirs credit card expense, I would love to pay with paypal.

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