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Serving is the New Selling | Marketing Tech Blog

I attended an Indianapolis AMA luncheon where Joel Book spoke about Marketing to the Power of One. His presentation contained a plethora of great information around using digital marketing to serve customers more effectively. Although, there were several takeaways from the program, there was one that stuck with me. The notion that: serving is the new selling. Basically, the idea that helping a customer is more effective than constantly trying to sell to them.

How can that apply to your email marketing campaigns? Send out helpful emails that serve a specific purpose for your clients. Here are a few examples:

  1. Product Reminders: if applicable to your product, send out a reminder email to your customers when they are close to needing to re-order or purchase a refill.
  2. Abandoned Shopping Cart Reminder: sometimes, customers place items in their cart with the intention of buying, but are simply interrupted before being able to finish. Abandoned shopping cart emails can be a polite way to remind them that there are items still there and make it easy for consumers to quickly go back and complete their purchase.
  3. Product Review Reminders: these are a nice win-win email reminder to send to customers. By sending, you are reminding your customers to fill out a review on a product they’ve recently purchased. However, good product reviews can boost your credibility as a company and gives future customers more confidence in your product.

If you haven’t added these emails as part of your email marketing program, why not? They can be set up to automatically send based on a customer’s behavior and they serve your customers more effectively, as well as bring in additional revenue to your bottom line. Sounds like a slam dunk, right? If you need help implementing these types of emails into your overall email program, please reach out to Delivra today.

What other email examples would you say serve customers? 

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    Helping our clients can be easy or it can be a chore, depending on how w view it. I have always found that helping my clients is a very profitable enterprise. not just in terms of revenue, but in terms of social capital as well.

    And these days, with the amount of press that bad customer experiences get in social media, it makes more sense than ever to serve our clients well. You never know who knows who or who could be a back channel to acquiring a new client.

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