Setup Authorship with Yoast’s WordPress SEO


A while back, we shared how we had setup Authorship on our site. Authorship has become an important strategy, increasing click-through rates on search engine results that have the rich snippet, and increasing the likelihood that your WordPress site will get ranked well.

There's far less development necessary today to enable authorship thanks to some of the great plugin authors out there like Joost De Valk. Key to this method of enabling authorship is that I focus on multi-author sites, not single user sites (which are much easier to enable).

Rich Snippet Tester

There are Authorship plugins for WordPress, but we honestly like integrating Yoast's WordPress SEO plugin with our theme instead. Here's how:

  1. Install and enable Yoast's WordPress SEO plugin. This will enable the necessary social fields on your profile pages and enable the necessary schema markup that's crawled by Google.
  2. Be sure that you have an author published on each of your blog posts on index and single post pages. You can see the necessary code on our post on how to setup Authorship on our site.
  3. Develop an authors page in your template so visitors can see all of the authors on your blog. We do some additional filtering to ensure they've posted at least once in the last year.
  4. Develop an author profile page, like mine – Douglas Karr. We like publishing their user profile information as well as all of their social links. The Google+ link is key here – it publishes the necessary rel element to create a relationship between the author and the profile.
  5. Have your authors fill in their Google+ profile URL in their WP user profile.
  6. Have your authors add the blog to their Google+ profile in the Contributor section.
  7. Test the author page with Google's Structured Data Testing tool.


One last note… even if the testing tool shows that everything is great, it still may require some time to see your profile photos in the results.

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