Shift Happens 2009


The change and the message in Shift Happens is incredible. While it speaks to the swift adoption of social media and technology, I’d still point out that the big numbers still represent tiny fractions when it comes to mass adoption. Businesses still have time to adapt, adopt and acquire market share if they act now.

Click through to the post if you don’t see the Shift Happens in your feed or email.

I never get tired of these! Thanks to @amystark for pointing it out to me.


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    I suspect that social media is much like SEO or email marketing: it’s another tool in the toolbox that will be valuable for the next couple decades. Yes, it’ll get more complicated and the methods will change, but it’s clearly not a fad. It’s also not everything.

    This is not to say that companies shouldn’t invest in implementing it now, but they shouldn’t freak out if they haven’t.

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