Shop Your Spot: A Mobile Deals App Built for the Consumer

shop your spot

Mobile rewards, mobile deals, mobile coupons, emails… all of these apps have one feature in common. They’re all push applications that endlessly nag the consumer to use the promotions that are pushed to them. That’s great for some consumers, but many consumers simply want to take advantage of deals when they’re ready to. That’s the idea behind Shop Your Spot.

I appreciate the strategy behind this application because it empowers the user rather than the platform or the merchant. The consumer can dial in the settings on which retailers they’d like to follow as well as whether they wish or when they wish to receive offers. Best of all – no need to print coupons, just display the mobile voucher at checkout.

Merchants just pay a monthly fee rather than a revenue share. Since your deals go into the Shop Your Spot application, you don’t have to try to drive users to download your application. That means you have access to every Shop Your Spot user… not just the folks that you push to sign up. A rising tide raises all ships! Consumers just download the Shop Your Spot mobile app and they have access to all their favorite retail locations and the deals they offer.

Merchants can manage their inventory of deals, offer them in real-time, and share new deals instantly without the need for approval or edits like other platforms require. As well, merchants can track all their progress with analytics that measures interest and redemption data. If you’re a merchant and would like to take Shop Your Spot for a test drive – apply here.


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