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For quite some time, I was signed up with a service to shorten my URLs, but the cost of the system was quite expensive. Using my own subdomain cost much more in their pricing model. In fact, I was paying more for their URL shortening account than I was being charged for entire marketing platforms.

I could have used a free version where my domain wasn't customized, but I I wanted folks to trust and recognize the URL that I was distributing… in this case Putting out some generic URL is a red flag to many security-conscious individuals.

It only took a few minutes to find dozens of tools online, and stood out immediately. I could white label the shortener with my own subdomain – even under their free account! Not only that, they actually have a means of migrating off of the old shortener if you're unable to export and import your data… also at no cost.

url shortener dashboard

With, you can have it dynamically product the slug or you can just have it use a number and auto-increment for you. And, you can go in and customize the slug how you wish if you'd like, too.

A key feature as well is Google Analytics Campaign tracking. A great way to use a URL shortener is to reduce the overall length of a long URL where you've also included your UTM query string. With, this is all part of the options on your shortened URL with a nice clean interface.

utm campaign tracking

Lastly, also offers a WordPress Plugin to automatically shorten your links using their API. Really nice feature!

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