Shotfarm: Product Content Network for Brands and Manufacturers

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One of the many lessons that I learned while at the IRCE was that it, for brands and manufacturers, ecommerce wasn't so much about their online commerce store as it was about stores downstream that were able to sell and distribute their goods on their behalf.

As ecommerce outlets create and foster outstanding relationships with their customers, they can look to other brands and manufacturers to increase their inventory of goods to sell to their customers. But to sell more goods, they've got to be able to acquire the product-related content to publish the products on their e-commerce platform.

Shotfarm's Product Content Network is a widely adopted platform for the sharing, conversion, management and distribution of product content. Shotfarm's newly released Switch Marketplace allows retailers to modify product content in any format without additional action and manufacturers to focus on the quality of their content rather than the distribution of it.

  • For Brands and ManufacturersShotfarm enables you to store, manage and share thousands of files of any type along with essential attributes with any number of internal and external partners at no charge. If the need arises, choose from additional features such as branded library with private login, additional storage, unlimited attribute fields and partner attribute mapping, and other advanced DAM/MDM features all at an affordable level.
  • For Retailers and DistributorsShotfarm‘s free Product Content Network puts a multi-million dollar vendor portal at your fingertips by centralizing the process of collecting approved, high-quality product and marketing content directly from any number of suppliers.

Shotfarm is built in HTML5 and has a seamless experience on any device. Media includes 360 degree 3D spin support, batch uploads, a powerful content delivery network, the ability to popup, customizable embeds and simple installation via JavaScript.

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More than 10,000 Manufacturers, brands, retailers and distributors use Shotfarm. Recently, Shotfarm announced a partnership with inRiver, a leading product information management (PIM). The Shotfarm Switch will be integrated with inRiver's enterprise PIM software to enable the exchange of product data between inRiver's manufacturing, distribution, and reseller customers.

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