Should Your Business Be On Pinterest?

should your business be on pinterest

This decision tree from Zoom Creates Blogs is a great tool for businesses to decide whether or not they have the resources and should invest the time and energy in building a Pinterest strategy. It’s a beautiful infographic and very practical. If your business decides not to develop its own Pinterest strategy, though, it doesn’t mean you can’t piggyback on other people’s boards! Some of our clients sponsor and work with successful Pinterest board operators to share information and it works fantastic.

As with any social media site, it is important to educate yourself on the platform, learning what is involved in being a truly active member and how much time it would take to maintain your profile. Not all businesses are right for Pinterest. You need figure out if your offerings and capabilities are compatible for the site and then build a solid strategy before you make the leap. Joining any social media site takes time, effort and, in the case of Pinterest, awesome imagery and great content. So, is your business ready to make the commitment?

Zoom Creates Blogs asks and details the responses to four key questions when deciding whether or not your business should invest in a Pinterest presence?

  1. Can you stay active on Pinterest?
  2. Do you have visually engaging imagery, or can you create it?
  3. Is your target audience using Pinterest?
  4. Do you have more to share than just what you do?

If you decide to move forward, I’d highly recommend Karen Leland‘s book Ultimate Guide to Pinterest for Business. Karen sent us a copy and – yes – that’s our affiliate link.