MacBookPro in a Freezer

You heard it right! I’ve been having problems with my MacBookPro recently where I can not restart it. It just sits there and does nothing. It’s quite frustrating. I started to suspect that it may be a thermostat issue so I did a test – I stuck it in my freezer. 10 minutes later I took it out and it booted right up… no problem.

I tested it this way a few times and have confirmed that that’s the issue. Has anyone else had this problem? My work ordered a new one and I tried to transfer my files last night (that’s why you didn’t see a post) but I couldn’t get it to work. Talk about frustrating!

So today I’m going to get a hand from my super-duper-mac-user, Bill, to see if we can get the files transferred over and get this sick MacBookPro to the doctor.


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    Sorry to hear that Doug, I recently installed a fan control program on my Macbook because I didnt like how hot it got, I have it set so it never lets the fan drop below 3500rpm. It used to idle at 1800rpm but let the CPU get up to about 65C before it started to ramp up the fan, that seemed far too high, but the software allows an override. I think it was called smcFanControl. But I dont think its going to solve your problem 🙂

    You could also just live in the fridge with the laptop? quick access to the beer?

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      Hi Nick,

      I gave that a shot, too (I used the SMC fan control) but it didn’t help. The MacBookPro wasn’t actually getting too hot… it just thinks that when you start up. As long as I never reboot, it’s fine. 🙂

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    Doug, I thought the whole idea of a Mac verses a Windows based machine was you didn’t need to reboot all the time?

    Did you notice I didn’t say Mac verses a PC? Why? Both are Personal Computers 🙂

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      That sounds almost like there is a hard-disk problem on your Mac book.

      Have you tried running DiskWarrior? Good programme to have if you have a Mac (I often have wondered why they haven’t been bought by Apple yet…)

      But wait – have you run AppleJack yet – that can save the day, and is freeware.

      Good Luck – may the force be with you.

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      Hi Jason,

      I don’t think they’re hard to use at all – but they surely don’t work well when they’re sick like mine is! I’m off to the Apple store today to see what they can find.


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