Signkick Marketplaces: Bringing Billboards to the ‘Click-to-Purchase’ Generation


The Out of Home advertising industry is a huge and lucrative industry. In this age of digital clutter, connecting with consumers when they’re “on the go” in public spaces still holds immense value. Billboards, bus shelters, posters and transit adverts are all part of consumers’ every-day lives. They offer countless opportunities to clearly broadcast a message to the relevant audience without competing for attention amongst thousands of other ads.

But it’s not always easy to get an Out-of-Home campaign off the ground. The biggest challenge that faces the OOH industry is its accessibility…

Got a spare £100,000 for an OOH campaign?

The problem OOH Media Owners face is that it costs them virtually the same to plan and book a £100,000 campaign as it does a £500 campaign. The same amount of sales time, the same administration time, the same design time all go into a two-week long billboard ad for Joe Bloggs’ local plumbing services, as it does for a national, big-budget campaign that runs for months.

It’s a no-brainer really. If you’re a media owner with billboards to rent, you’re going to prioritise those national campaigns that can pay the big bucks. Which can make it difficult for small businesses with modest budgets to get a look-in when renting outdoor advertising space. And that’s a shame, both for those small businesses who are missing out on great marketing opportunities, as well as for the media owners, who are missing out on lots of potential customers.

The solution is automation

Out of Home advertising experts, Signkick have developed a solution to this problem. They’re partnering with media owners and service providers to automate the whole booking process. Automation makes the process more cost efficient, meaning media owners don’t have to turn customers away based on smaller budgets. The software that they’re using to do this is called Signkick Marketplaces.

Signkick Marketplaces OOH Automation

Signkick Marketplaces is software that media owners can set-up to enable clients to find and book their own advertising space online. It links-up with the media owners’ own availability systems to show up-to-date availability of poster sites to clients on online maps.

Signkick Map

Designed to make the OOH advertising marketplace more accessible to everyone, Signkick marketplaces enables businesses to:

  • Search for and book advertising space online – Clients can quickly see which poster sites, billboards and digital screens are available, for how long and for what cost. Media owners can choose their own custom options, like the price that locations are displayed at, what extra information to display, and whether the platform is open to the public, or just to their trusted direct clients and agencies.
  • Track a campaign – Once the advertising space has been booked clients can track its progress, much like you would on a parcel delivery system.
  • Manage artwork – clients can upload their own artwork, or work with Media Owners to design artwork for their ad. The system has a staged process, which starts with sending artwork specifications to clients at point of booking and ends with the artwork being delivered to your preferred printer.
  • Receive reminder cues and email updates – automatic reminders and updates ensure that each step of the process is well-communicated to the client, but as hands-free for the media owner as possible.

Unlike other software available for booking outdoor advertising space, Signkick Marketplaces doesn’t just focus on Digital Out of Home. The system enables purchasers to track their classic print posters and billboards in the same way that they can track their digital posters.

Reporting functions open-up new opportunities for Media Owners

Signkick Marketplaces has a secondary function, which is to collect and analyse data based on who is purchasing OOH advertising space. By analysing their clients’ habits, what they’re looking at and when, Media Owners can implement data-backed site pricing, develop new revenue and create effective re-marketing programmes.

signkick report

Signkick Case study: JCDecaux

Big fish in the OOH industry, JCDecaux recently worked with Signkick Marketplaces to adopt automated booking for their advertising sites in Belgium. JCDecaux recognised the need to streamline their processes in order to open up new avenues of business.

By making the booking process more efficient, and enabling clients to manage their own campaigns, JCDecaux have been able to focus more attention on sales strategy and building relationships with prospective clients. It also means they’ve been able to sell advertising space to and build relationships with clients with smaller budgets. When those small advertising campaigns begin to grow, JCDecaux will be the first to know.

It’s all pretty fresh, with JCDecaux’s new website was up and running for just 2 months, but bookings are already coming in.

Automation is the future of OOH

Times are changing, and so is the way people expect to buy. In this digital age you can buy everything from clothes and food, to cars and holidays online. So why not posters and billboards?

Signkick Marketplaces allows media owners to access the click-to-purchase generation, and to accept clients with smaller budgets. Automated booking and planning of advertising campaigns allow everyone to have access to the services and opportunities that were once only available to big clients.

What do you think?

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