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Email Signatures

Every email that’s being sent out of your inbox is a marketing opportunity. While we send our newsletter out to a ton of subscribers, we also send another 20,000 emails in daily communication back and forth between staff, clients, prospects, and public relations professionals. Asking everyone to add a banner to promote a white paper or upcoming webinar typically goes over with little success. Most people just ignore the request, others mess up the link, and the people that might actually click the call-to-action don’t ever get it.

Email Signatures

If you don’t believe email signatures are important, check out this eye tracking heatmap analysis from Eyequant.

Email Signature Eye Tracking

Sigstr Features

This is where Sigstr comes in! Sigstr offers central management of your email signature campaigns where all users can be instantly updated. Campaigns can be built by uploading an image or entering text. Your employees don’t need to edit a single line of code – your marketing team can swap campaigns whenever they’d like.

Sigstr Email CampaignSigstr even renders ideal versions of a campaign for mobile and desktop with previews for both. And of course, Sigstr provides simple analytics to display the number of times the campaign was viewed as well as the clicks by campaign or by employee!

Sigstr DashboardSigstr also allows groups to be created. This is a great feature since you can have a group for your support team assigned to a campaign promoting a new product offering, while your corporate recruiting group is assigned to a Careers Page campaign, while your sales team is promoting a white paper on the Return on Investment of your solution!

Sigstr Email Signature GroupsThis allows users to be added to groups and then each group can be added to a specific campaigns! I was so excited about Sigstr that we signed up immediately – and it’s been fantastic to use and manage across our employees.

Sigstr Email Signature Integrations

Deploying Sigstr simple across any enterprise since they now have integrations with Active Directory, Outlook, Exchange, Office 365, Google Suite, Gmail and Apple Mail.

  • Act-On – Enhance your marketing efforts within Act-On by appending a Sigstr signature and campaign to your Act-On email communications.
  • Hubspot – Sigstr also has integration with Hubspot where you can synchronize any Hubspot Smart List and assign it to a specific Sigstr ABM campaign, see the timeline events in Hubspot when they click, auto-create Hubspot contacts based on who they email, and apply email signature interactions to active Hubspot Workflows!
  • Marketo – Align your signature marketing with Marketo Smart Lists and Landing Pages. You can also integrate signatures with Marketo email templates.
  • Salesforce – Align your signature marketing with Salesforce campaigns and reports. You can also integrate signatures with VisualForce templates.
  • SalesLoft – Appends a Sigstr signature and campaign to your Cadence email communications
  • Pardot – Align your signature marketing with Pardot campaigns and reports. You can also integrate signatures with Pardot email templates.

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