This Single Aspect of Sales Could be Losing Your Company $4 Million Annually

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We tend to talk about sales by the revenue produced, but not by the losses when it’s not going well. Sales is a blood sport at most companies and there seems to be little patience nowadays for sales professionals to ramp up, build relationships, and convert customers. The sales manager even has the unenviable position of having to motivate and drive staff to meeting and exceeding goals. Get the wrong manager in and an entire sales staff can get derailed. I’ve witnessed it first-hand, observing sales management’s focus on the proposals, data entry or promoting a person that’s awesome at sales into a position outside their bailiwick.

Sales enablement technology is a tool to assist your sales staff and enable their ability to move more efficiently and effectively. It shouldn’t be raising obstacles, it should be removing them. It’s one reason why we love our the Salesvue platform (a sponsor) so much. Their dashboard to Salesforce for both sales staff and management significantly reduces the time it to record, track and report on sales activity.

Many sales managers receive little to no development support from their organizations. Rather, they are expected to overcome the challenges of both the transition into management as well as the evolution from selling products to providing commercial insight on their own. Of those organizations that do invest in their managers, most fail to invest strategically to develop the skills needed to make managers as effective as possible. This not only has a great effect on the managers themselves, but it also makes sellers less effective and, ultimately, hurts the company’s bottom line. Jessica Cash, Senior Director, Solution Development & Innovation for CEB Global.

The bottom line is that a single failed manager can lose a company upwards of $4 million in lost productivity, poor team management, lackluster customer experience, recruitment, salary and training. Here’s a breakdown of how Sales Managers fail.


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