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I still remember when tablets were thought of as a bit outside the norm. However, there's so many applications that are transforming their user interfaces and convenient on a tablet that behavior is changing. Just today I left my laptop at home while I went over to Barnes and Noble. I brought my iPad over there and got through quite a bit of work.

Even though I have a Thunderbolt with an enormous screen, my iPad still has much more convenient real estate to work in. I'm not alone… Digitimes reports that 40 million iPad tablets will be sold in 2011 and that number is expected to rise double digits next year. Third party tablets are expected to see triple-digit growth! Laptop sales, on the other hand, have plummeted. The tablet has arrived!

Here's an advertisement for Skype's recent release for the iPhone:

Now Skype is on the iPad. The question has to be asked, what will this do to the mobile phone market? Smartphone sales continue to rise – outpacing PC sales… it is it going to continue for long? In all honesty, if I can make quality calls via Skype on my iPad across a great wireless connection (unless wireless providers block it)… do I need my phone anymore? Could you ever see trading in your mobile phone altogether?

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    The mobile phone plan will turn into the mobile data plan. Soon enough all voice traffic will travel across data networks. The only question will be the form factor that you use for communications. Do I want to take my laptop, tablet or my pocket pc?

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