SlayerAI: Determining the Many Different Words you Need to Win

SlayerAI - Artificial Headline and Subject Line Optimization

On the average, five times as many people read the headline as read the body copy. When you have written your headline, you have spent eighty cents out of your dollar.

David Ogilvy, Ogilvy on Advertising

Slayer is an artificial intelligence (AI) product that predicts how engaging a headline is to a given audience. For example, it understands that denim daisy dukes are 15% more engaging than denim short shorts in the fashion market. Slayer processes text based on where the copy will appear, giving you tailored results to maximize success for your audience. The AI works by analyzing thousands of previous campaigns and texts, along with their effectiveness. It is then trained to recognize if text is engaging or not.

SlayerAI Case Study

One example of how Slayer is being used was boosting customer touches 30% for the publicly traded cybersecurity company, OneSpan. OneSpan utilized Slayer to optimize email subject lines by identifying the most engaging permutation:

slayerai onespan case study

Why is SlayerAI important?

Over the last 3 years the amount of copy being generated has increased 10x over.

The Global Digital Content Creation Market size is expected to reach US$ 38.2 billion by 2030 at a CAGR of 12% during 2020 and 2030. Due to the advent of virtual reality and artificial intelligence, digital content creation tools are witnessing a sudden increase in demand during the forecast period. 

InsightSLICE, Digital Content Creation Market

This growth has been driven by several factors — the increasing shift to online commerce, the proliferation of new users coming online for the first time, and the ability to create copy with AI.

There’s more talent and tools than ever to create content, and the shift to online commerce is inflating the demand for copy… and it’s only getting bigger.

SlayerAI gives you the ability to resonate with your audience in a sea of cheaply generated content.  With this, great communication becomes a superpower. To stand out with your copy, it takes more than just ensuring you have proper grammar and spelling, or just following best marketing practices, because the endgame is all about being able to meet your audience in their niche.

Currently, the problem of poor communication is being solved through manual intervention (e.g., a human editor) and the use of certain software tools that will offer you generic conventions (Grammarly being the most popular). While human editors can be great and niche-specific, finding a specialized copywriter can be expensive and there is only so much work they can do.

SlayerAI is the ideal assistant, especially when the goal is to have your marketing campaigns perform well, consistently.

Who is SlayerAI best for?

SlayerAI is a fantastic tool for anyone writing copy online. Currently, Slayer users include large enterprises, small businesses, marketing agencies, and individual freelance copywriters.

The AI is free to use for a limited time, and it can instantly help to improve content, in addition to:

  • Doing weeks of A/B testing in minutes instead of months
  • Spell check for impact, instead of grammar
  • Instant quality control for junior copywriters

The key to writing good copy is determining what your audience wants first, and then incorporating your brand. That is why Slayer created the ability to select from dozens of target audiences; from people interested in crypto, to those interested in fashion, beauty, fitness, cars, home renovation and more.

Our AI has been tested extensively with a small group of beta users, and the results have been extraordinary. Whether it was helping a start-up increase open rates from 12% to 19%, or helping a marketing agency grow by allowing them to spend less time checking their work.

Want to write better website headlines, subject lines, blog titles, ad copy, social posts and SMS? Slayer has you covered on all fronts.

How does SlayerAI work?

Using Slayer is simple, just sign up for a free account, login, and then:

  1. Select your target audience
  2. Input the copy you’d like to score, and select whether you’d like suggestions
  3. Click process

That’s it! If you don’t see your ideal target audience, then you can request a new one from us using the dropdown on the left-hand side of the website.

The score you see is the percentage chance your text has of being highly engaging. The AI is 80%+ accurate, which means your headlines will now catch the eyes of your precious readers way more often.

What happens when you go viral?

Giving your product or service the best chance of going viral can change your company’s fortunes significantly. It’s the difference between a record sales year and maintaining status quo.

Your best chance of growth and going viral is using SlayerAI to ensure you make the most of your marketing efforts. Sign up now and get 2 weeks of SlayerAI completely free!

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